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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

YY-703 Infrared Thermometer


- High-precision infrared sensor is adopted, with stable and reliable performance

- Strong environmental temperature adaptability.

- Good work in complex environment

- Brand-new proprietary intellectual property rights probe structure, ensures more accurate measurement

- Automatically save the last measured value

- Large LCD screen, high brightness backlight clear and soft display

- Automatic shutdown saves electricity and energy

- Forehead Thermometer/Infrared Electronic Thermometer

- Handheld Thermometer Non-Contact Temperature


- °C and F Double temperature

- Body temperature (Object temperature dual mode

- Automatic shut down without operation for 10 seconds

Technical Specification :

- Unlimited : For user groups

- Measurement Method: Non-contact

- Measurement Site : forehead

- Measuring Distance : 1-3cm

- Measuring Range : Body 30.0°C-43.0°C

- Memory Array : 30

- Power supply : DC3V (AA*2)

- Max. Allowable error : 35°C-42°C (+/-0.1°C)

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